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Ever17(英語版/English version) | 海外エロゲ・ノベルゲーム: Overseas visualnovels




I finished Tsugumi end, Sara end, And incidentally Coco end in the momentum.

Ah, I've spent all hours of the weekend to this game.

It's been a while from when I played CROSS+CHANNEL that playing something has extraordinary sophisticated story line like this. There are some rips of logic but it still worthwhile enough. I'm really satisfied.

At below, I'll mention a bit about the core plot of Ever17, and a mystery story of it which written by Mori Hiroshi. I very warn about spoiler.
実は半ばぐらいからまさか…、まさかね…と思ってたんだけど、このゲームの骨を成しているあるプロットは、森博嗣さんの『そして二人だけになった-Until Death Do Us Part-』に強烈に影響を受けていますな。というかある意味そのまんま。(最初はロートレック荘事件のほうかと思った。)


『そして二人だけになった』あらすじ (from





I'd doubted 'It could'nt be.., but It might be...' at about middle stage of the game, but actually the most centered plot of this game is storongly infruenced of a mystery novel 'Soshite futari dake ni natta/And then there were only two -Until Death Do Us Part-' written by a mystery novel writer Hiroshi Mori . Or I should put it it's almost same in a way. (Though at first I thought it maight be a another novel 'Lautrec sou jiken/The case of Lautrec villa')

And, while I looked up the title I'd forgotten I also found even the outlines were similar too. LOL

'And then there were only two' outline: (from
Huge concrete mass that supports a big bridge on a strait which of 4000 meters in the total length. Six people, a scientist, a doctor, and an architect, etc, gathered in the closed space that was called "Valve" made in the hollow of the concrete. Due to malfunction of programme, they are closed surrounding with seawater, and serial murder occurs. How the fate of a blind genius scientist and his assistant would be... The world is going to be reverse. The shocking epilogue. It manifests the intellectual Mori world here.

Thinking about released date, certain part of Ever17 is based on this novel for almost sure. However the originality is certain for Mori, the perfection of Ever17 is more better. The way that Ever17 took to finish the story is more splendid. Mentioning about Mori, KID themself made a game of his novel 'Subete ga F ni natta/All became F' after some years of Ever17*. It might have a causality.

*I've mistaken. Order was reverse. 'F' was released before Ever17. According Japanese wikipedia of which stuff are almost same. I see.

Anyway, I'd sure known the origin, but if there were no outrageous spoiler on one of the CD case, It wouldn't happened that I noticed the core plot even before Coco route started! Damn! Bring my pleasure to be surprised back to me!! XD
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