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☆☆☆ The CHRONICLES of NARNIA 4 Prince Caspian | 洋書 : English books
ナルニア王国物語4巻、読了しました。とりあえずタイトルには激しく異議あり。 話が進めば進むほど、Caspian王子の影が薄くなっていくのにはどうしたものか。

下手すると、喋る動物達より目立ってないんじゃないかと思われる王子の存在はさておき、主役はいつもの4人兄妹。生まれ故郷の英国に戻り、普通の学生生活を送っていた彼らだったが、不思議な力で再びナルニアに呼び戻される。そこで彼らを待ち受けていたものは、廃墟と成り果てた、愛しきChair Paravel城の姿であった。


英語の難易度:☆☆☆ ところどころに古語文語が混ざるけれど、基本的には平易な英語。
お気に入り度:☆☆☆ ネズミの騎士Reepicheepがかっこいい。最後の数ページが余韻深くて結構好み。

The CHRONICLES of NARNIA the four volume. First of all, it's not a stoly about the prince at all. What I could do when the prince gone and gone in the shade as this story proceeded.

Aside from the faded prince the protagonists are familiar four brothers and sisters. Although they had returned in their own world and spend normal school life, but they get summoned again to Narnia through mystical effect. What waited them here was ruined and deserted the Char Paravel.

Though they all have each highlights, a mail which King Peter send to someone is the best one to me. Excessively decorated. Decorated but hard to read. Hard to read but interesting.

Difficulty of English: ☆☆☆ Contains archaic words and literary style sometimes, but generally not so difficult.
Degree of favorite: ☆☆☆ Mouse knight Reepicheep is cute and cool. Some pages of last scene have nice melancholy atmosphere.

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