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図解エロゲ国際関係2 : A diagram of eroge international relationships 2 | 海外エロゲ・ノベルゲーム: Overseas visualnovels


A diagram of eroge industries(英語/English)

The files above are diagram of eroge industries relationships. There are lacks of famous companies because I made it by a foreign center viewpoint. And it may not be accurate.

I've found some points while I was making it.

* It seems english eroge publishers have released various maker's games. But actually origin are limited. Just the brands are different.

* Hirameki International is the only exception. The connection is not clear yet.

* It seems Will affiliation has some nice games (to my taste). Why don't you translate Ayakashibito(propeller), Mamalove(HERMIT), or Konoha challenge(rouge)?

* There are some companies attempted and failed before.

* I didn't know that Nocturnal illusion was translated. It is an masterpiece at very very old times. Though it might be a poor work by the measure of current standard.

* I also didn't noticed the origine of JASTUSA is JAST. What a simple fact.

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