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服を無理やり脱がされて、変態猫の眼前で強制的に洗われてしまう女の子というシチュエーションは好きですか? はいっ。大好きです!

全裸の男を救うためにはキスをしなければならないと変態猫に言われて、やっちゃったのに何も起こらず、真っ赤になって激怒する女の子は好きですか? はいっ。大好物でありますっ!


もう、前半はフェティッシュ全開なストーリー運びで、俺何のライトノベル読んでるんだっけ? とか、これって英語で許されるの? とか、世の中の堕落っぷりに悲観するあまり、読んでる間不気味なニヤニヤ笑いがとまりませんでしたよ。



英語の難易度: ☆☆☆ 厚い本なのに、すらすら読めた。
お気に入り度: ☆☆☆☆☆ この本の影の主役は猫だ。猫だからって何をやっても許されると思うなよ。もっとやれ。

Do you like such a situation like a girl compulsorily being washed before a pervert cat? Yes, I do!

Do you like the girl who crimsons and rages, when her was advised by the pervert cat to kiss a naked man to save him, and then realised nothing would happen? Yes, it's one of my weakness, sir!

... It seems as if this book is totally spoiled book. Yeah, it's right in a way.

It has too fetishistic scenes in its first half so I thought "Oh, what light-novel it is?" or "Is it allowed in English?" or such thing while I was reading it. I so grieved to the degeneration in the world, and couldn't conceal perverted grin.

However, it's main story is a solid fantasy adventure. The protagonist girl is a necromancer, that role barely seen in Japanese novel.

That the magic of this necromansar is not fully useful makes its reality more. There are too many opportune convenient magics in Japanese novel ...

Although I've read many fantasy books, it was fresh and fun. I recommend this book for someone want to read genuine fantasy book, but feel Tolkien is too difficult. Don't mind the surface illustration looks man.

Difficulty of English: ☆☆☆ Despite of it's a thick one, I was able to read it relatively smoothly.
Degree of favorite: ☆☆☆☆☆ The shadow protagonist is the cat. Don't think cat can be allowed anything. By the way, cat, you are wonderful boy.


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