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I've been begged to buy a DVD recorder from Mom, I've bought one containing a ground wave digital tuner. I've thought we could watch GWD in my home as well, but.

It appears my Mom can't get the difference of TV channel switches for digital and analog well. Getting mad at what she becomes state she can't watch TV when she touches analog channel switches she used so far. (Since all TV signals are supplied through DVD tuner, my TV system receiving the signals have to always be external input mode.)

All the more, I had troubles to explain to her what is the difference of manipulation about analog and digital, DVD recording and HD recording. I could never say "Read the manual" to Mom who is unacquainted with recent technologies. I ended up writing a how-to brochure for her. Well.

It doesn't worst matter for her generation because she can adjust herself at least but I don't have no idea what I could do if it were my grandmother. Although I've chosen so-called user-frendly one.

By the way, digital image was beautiful in its own way. It's a bit strange what screen aspect changes as selecting channels, though.

Newest Culdsept will released on Xbox360. Since I'm recently starving to (collectable) card games, if 360 has compatibility to Phantom dust, Phantom crash, and Metal wolf chaos and if can play Oblivion, I might buy them.

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