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Shadow of The Colossus

eBayで競り落とした、Shadow of The Colossus(邦題:ワンダともじゃもじゃ巨像達)やってます。







残念ながら中盤ちょっとその丁寧さが消えるきらいがあるけど、テキストも中々にフックが効いていてセンスがあるし、Elfの遺作/鬼作以降、このレベルに匹敵するサスペンスゲームはもう2度と遊べないのかと思っていたので(関係ないけどThe God of Deathは酷かった)もう大満足。

Shadow of The Colossus

I'm now playing Shadow of The Colossus that I've won at eBay.

The appearance of shaggy artificial colossus, and the protagonist who climb it is looks funny. This style is novel, isn't it?

However, thinking of gaming aspect, there isn't much various neither player's tactical method nor colossus' attak pattern (There are actually almost not attacking colossuses) so the game may tend to be in a vapid deadlock due to player doesn't have a clue how to beat it and also can't be beated. I almost gave up at the horse, forth colossus. It seemed as if an action game, but it's rather a puzzle game actually.

I think may be the true way to enjoy the game is enjoy free running with his horse.


Leaf's violating ero-game. It's a impression after finished Megumi route. That's exciting.

I can't recommend it for someone at all who hate rape, slay or similar element because some girls are raped no matter how you choose selections. However it's a well made game.

I have good impression about what this game has distinct response to selections. Different from common ero-games, those games' story is decided from daily goodwill points those are generally unrelated the certain branch or moreover player even can't aware that there was a branch, on other hand you will suffer regrettable bad result if you mistake a each selection in the game. How many games are not able to make feel that response. I don't think all ero-games don't have to that though. It's a while since I played such game has significance selections. (Though Fate also had immediately badends, but I felt it was enforcement of "best story" not challenging foresight)

Unfortunately careful work fades out at middle story, but the text certainly has a sense, and I've thought that may be I could never play suspense game that's comparable with Elf's old works Isaku/Kisaku, so I very satisfied now. (Btw The God of Death was really crap)

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