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☆☆☆ロミオとジュリエット: Romeo and Juliet | 洋書 : English books





英語の難易度:☆☆☆☆☆ 読めない単語がない行のほうが少ない。
お気に入り度:☆☆☆ ロミオと修道士が、延々韻を踏んだ会話を繰り広げるシーンは圧巻。こういうのが原書で読む醍醐味だと思う。もっと自分に語学力があれば…。

You know, I know, everyone know this masterpiece of love. Although everyone know, but little of them know about story well (I assume).

Does recognition of people is about "The story that Romeo and juliet who have parents hate each other is do one thing and another and eventually die", right?

Or they may know a little, for example the stage is Verona of italia, or the scene of singing of lark, or the scene that Romeo climbs the tower by the help of juliet's hair. No, last, you are wrong.

Honestly, you should read the classics and learn common knowledge a bit more. I've believed poisoned Juliet by Romeo on hers deathbed sticks him.

It was really difficult. I had to skim sometimes so I don't understand deeply. I just got the plot and satisfied however. I didn't know Romeo is such eccentric man.

It may be more satiable to watch actual play, because it's a script after all. I may rent the DVD sooner or later.

Difficulty of English: ☆☆☆☆☆ The lines are fewer that don't include words I can't read.
Degree of favorite: ☆☆☆ The scene that Romeo and the Franciscan develop the conversation as rhyming is wonderful. I think it's the real pleasure for reads by the original. If I had language skill more better ...

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