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この年末年始に何をやっていたかと申しますと、世紀末RPG FalloutもフリーシナリオRPGという意味でなかなかに興味深かったのですが、それよりなにより、Civilization4に激はまりしておりました。あと1ターンが止められないゲーム、なんて生易しいものではありません。あと1ゲームが止められない。気がつけば一日中PCの前とか、優雅なひきこもり人生を満喫してました。







Alhough a bit late, a Happy New Year.

What I'd did the new year weekend was, although devastated RPG Fallout was also interesting as non-linear scenario game, more than anything else, I've devoted almost whole my time to Civilization 4. It isn't can't bear stop one more turn game, it's can't bear stop one more game. I found myself sitting before my computer whole a day. Horrible.

By the way, there is a site I go rounding a BBS there for English-speaking Japanese learners, and I came across a surprising topics.

"watashi ha kare wo suki" is technically strange because the "wo" don't take a non-verb behind. "suki" isn't a verb.

Indeed, certainly, now think of that, it is. "suku" is a verb but "suki" is an adjective. The sentence should be "watashi ha kare wo suku" technically, but I somehow feel "kare wosuki" is suitable. However, "machi wo sizuka desu" or "anata wo ayashii desu" can't be.

I have no idea why they allowed and what is difference. Some expression can take "wo" customary, though.

If I know it's clumsy and consciously use them is doesn't matter, but pointed out the ground what I believed perfectly natural so far was an shocking experience. They Japanese learner try to understand Japanese in a way not native doing so their logics are beneficial to me too. Yes, it's interesting.

Greeting to you this year too, anyway.

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