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JAST USA's webcomic HH 010 : 守護聖人のお導き | JAST USA's webcomic HH

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邪神英霊:Fallen Epic Spirit | 雑記 : Miscellaneous topics
セ…セイ…バー…!? (via 独り言以外の何か)
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JAST USA's webcomic HH 009 : 夜食 | JAST USA's webcomic HH

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戦国ランス、諸国ぞくぞく更新:Sengoku Rance ; Nations were updated | その他ゲーム: Other games

○| ̄|_ …参りました…。この軍団今までで最強だ。

・Ieyasu's follower hobgoblins
Ieyasu Tokugawa's follower ; Racoon dog hobgoblins. They are all playful and cute.

○| ̄|_ ... I'm beaten ... These generals are the strongest among those introduced.
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Ever17(英語版/English version) | 海外エロゲ・ノベルゲーム: Overseas visualnovels




I finished Tsugumi end, Sara end, And incidentally Coco end in the momentum.

Ah, I've spent all hours of the weekend to this game.

It's been a while from when I played CROSS+CHANNEL that playing something has extraordinary sophisticated story line like this. There are some rips of logic but it still worthwhile enough. I'm really satisfied.

At below, I'll mention a bit about the core plot of Ever17, and a mystery story of it which written by Mori Hiroshi. I very warn about spoiler.
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EVER17 | 海外エロゲ・ノベルゲーム: Overseas visualnovels


I finished You scenario. You was after all second position both in scenario aspect and in truth leader aspect. If it were a mere heartwarming school visualnovel, she could play the leading character.

Then a nitpicking and spoiler like as Sora scenario.
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【アリスソフト配布フリー宣言】夢幻泡影 : Mugen Houyou | その他ゲーム: Other games






While suspending playing Ever17, I finished Mugen Houyou by Alicesoft through.

I couldn't download via Torrent after all, so I got it at here.

It's a story that how a man die who has extreme power and wealth, and a incurable disease.

Tori-san of Alicesoft is really good at describing insane characters. There is few scenario writer who can deal with her unrestrained story these days. Though it's also due to the recent trend of players to not tolerate irregular story.

I'm crazy about this game's outrageous sex scene and dull gag and Tsundere-sadist protagonist.

It's not a game for deep sympathy, but for cynical and decadent attitude. Well, still, it was very interesting.
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Amazonのおすすめ : A recommendation from Amazon | 雑記 : Miscellaneous topics


* Brain Quest Bathtime (ブレインクエストお風呂編)
* 100 Words Kids Need to Read by 2nd Grade (小学2年生までに必要な100単語 )
* Rozen Maiden 2 (ローゼンメイデン 2巻)
* There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom (僕は女子更衣室の中にいる)
* 電撃大王 増刊 電撃萌王 2006年 10月号
* 聖少女領域 (TVアニメ「ローゼンメイデン・トロイメント」主題歌)
* 禁じられた遊び (TVアニメ「ローゼンメイデン・トロイメント」主題歌)

……なんかこのリスト、指向的に、すごく、変質者の香りがするのは気のせいなのだろうか。 orz

I received such a mail.

Dear Nanatuha:
Referring to the commodity you has bought or had, we will introduce you those items.

Recommended items:
* Brain Quest Bathtime: 175 Stories, Poems, Questions & Answers, Even Jokes and Riddles
* 100 Words Kids Need to Read by 2nd Grade (100 Words Workbook)
* Rozen Maiden 2
* There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom
* Dengeki Moe-oh
* Domain of Holy Girls (Rozen Maiden Traumend Theme song)
* Forbidden Game (Rozen Maiden Traumend Theme song)

... somehow, coherently, fairly, I wonder if is it just my imagination that this list smells of perversion. orz
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駄目だ。神妙な記事は続かないよ…ンンッ。 : It's all over. I can't endure with serious article. | 雑記 : Miscellaneous topics
OMGWTFOTL has caught by Your Excellency DanKim.





[I don't translate this ill pervertic article for the sake of my dignity]
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9・11米同時テロ事件を題材にしたノベルゲーム Broken Hearted -a 9/11 story- | 海外エロゲ・ノベルゲーム: Overseas visualnovels


公式サイトの説明文によると、主人公は23歳のニューヨーカー、ナットレヴィー(Nat Levy)が、恋人の喪失を乗り越えるまでを描く、愛と悲しみと、そして希望の物語とのことです。

プラットフォームはWindows,Mac OSX, Linux.プロジェクトに協力したい方には、世界貿易センター記念基金への寄付を呼び掛けています。


何か似た例が無いかな、と考えて、一番最初にPILのLAST CHILDが出てくるところが鬱だな。

The date has delayed a day thanks to the time difference. Yesterday, a game which had a motif of the real 9/11 incident was announced.

According to official site, it is a story that protagonist Nat Levy, a 23 year old New Yorker copes with loss of his lover. It is a story of love, sadness... and hope.

Platform are Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. The authors are also appealing donation for World Trade Center Memorial Foundation.

I picked up this topics because to deal raw event on visualnovel is considerably rare. The game itself was made as a fiction, to make sure.

It's kind of traumatic that LAST CHILD by PIL comes up first when recalling similar games. "Farewell, I can't meet you any longer" "Why?" "Because the loli-restriction became strict."
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そう、(以下略)だらよ : Too long title. | その他ゲーム: Other games
【For gamer】そう、あたしたちはこんなにも理不尽な世界に生きているのだらよ 特集


ところで、Ever17の"少年"ルートと"武"ルートって、違う翻訳者が訳している? "少年"ルートのほうは、なんか微妙にこなれていない感じがするんだけど。致命的でもないけど。

【For gamer】 Sou Atashi tachi ha konnanimo rihujin na sekai ni ikiteiru no darayo / Yes, we live in such a unreasonable world

Yes yes yes. I like those obsolete system-oriented novel games. I'm really looking forward it. However I need time for Ever17 a while yet.

By the way, is the person who has translated "Kid" route of Ever17 different from Takeshi's? It seems there're some lines in "Kid" route that's not mellowed well. Nor fatal though.
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夏とパンツとメイドと鎌と。:Summer and pants and maid and sickle. | 雑記 : Miscellaneous topics
・パンツ ナツ 100 (でも50)


なぜその努力と時間を生産的なことに使わない? この大馬鹿野郎! だけどそれが僕たちのジャスティス!



・Pants summer 100 (but actually 50)

A collection of a hundred of manga masterpieces to read in summer vacation, composited with manga with lingeries. Something wrong. Something really wrong from the foundation! LOL

Why don't you pour the effect and time to something more productive? You idiot! Yes, but that's the our JUSTICE!

・Queen's Blade New character : Homicidal maid

They are starting to bury the phantasy worldview. It's also a kind of phantasy though.
Where on earth do they head to ...
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Re:「ガンダムSEED DESTINY」を引用した、アメリカの現代アート作品 | 雑記 : Miscellaneous topics
いつも興味深く拝見させて頂いているULTIMO SPALPEENさんのところで、アニメや漫画をトレースしたっぽい、かなり怪しげなアート(と呼んでいいのかどうか)作品についての言及がありました。










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「デスノート」「ヒカルの碁」漫画家、ナイフ所持容疑で逮捕 | 雑記 : Miscellaneous topics
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ブギーポップは笑わない : Boogiepop and others | 洋書 : English books


English edition. It's a little strange to open from right in this cover.
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戦国ランス更新 & フリー配布宣言 | その他ゲーム: Other games


No way! all area is supreme chaotic!

South Africa, Texas, MAZO, and Orange. Is it really JAPAN?! That's the Rance! LOL



まじですか!? 自分Ever17が終わったら、夢幻泡影とAmbivalenZを買いなおそうと思ってたのに!



・Alicesoft adds Gakuen King, Kichikuou Rance, Mugenhouyou, AmbivalenZ, Rance4 to free distribution declaration.

(Free distribution declaration software is the softwares that allowed to distribute freely as long as there is no change in the content.)

WTF!!! (゜Д゜;)

Are you sane!? While I've planned to buy back Mugenhouyou and AmbivalenZ after finisshed Ever17!

Kichikuou Rance is a kind of miraculous game which likely to won't be made any more in the current bishoujyo game industry. If you haven't experienced it, play it by all means. If you have the prejudice that dark games are all worthless, criticism after you play it, I beg. Though that there's no already-read sentences skip function is a flaw thinking now.

I'm going to play Mugenhouyou and AmbivalenZ definitely, you are too generous, Alicesoft.
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JAST USA's webcomic HH 008 : 空想具現化 | JAST USA's webcomic HH

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EVER17 | 海外エロゲ・ノベルゲーム: Overseas visualnovels
空/Sora シナリオ終了。綺麗で優しいお姉さんは好きですか。好きでーす。ほろ苦いエンディングは好きですか。好きでーす。ひゃほー。




I finished Sora scenario. Do you like kind and beautiful lady? Yes, I do. Do you like bittersweet endings? Yes, I do! Splendid!

If with such an ideal lady, to be trapped in a closed space is not so bad. It's in fact happy, isn't it? If the case happened like this, definitely I were the ringleader though.

Those words for which I looked up EJ dictionary were end up about 160. I estimate it would be about 500 words in all because the game tells the complete rate is 30 percent. I wonder I'm progressing even a little, because The words were not less than 1000 when I plaied Kango Shicyauzo 2 one and half year ago? However I found that I was forgetting most of medical terms. XD

I divide section below, because it is a spoiler and just a grumble.
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