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英語版ドラクエ8、Journey of the Cursed King 始めました。

ミイラ男が Mummy boy って名前になっていていて、変な訳だなあ、単にMummyでいんじゃね? と思ってたら、マミーという名の敵も同じゲームの中にいるのね。それは困るわ。

同時に出てくると、Mummy & Mummy Boy。

Well, I'm getting contrarily to feel funny that I don't renew here so long.

I started Dragon Quest VIII Journey of the Cursed King.

I felt that a monster translated "Mummy boy" is strange at first. And got it when I encountered another enemy "Mummy". Mummy boy was also Mummy in Japanese. It's trickly.

Originally Mummy & Mummy Boy had english and japanese name which were actually same meaning. I can guess transleter's hardship, but confusable a little. ;)

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