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初見でアメリカ人の感性に訴えるエロゲってどれ? Which bishoujo-game will most look interesting to Americans at first sight? | その他ゲーム: Other games

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There was an interesting topic at PeachPrincess bulletin board.

Hi, can I get your feedback on some of these games we're considering for translation?

Yu no Hana


Yume Miru Kurusi (Dream Drug)

Death Meta

Hello Spring

Summer Girl

Could you give me your thoughts on these?

Hmm. I wonder what is the criterion of selection.
By the way, there is propeller's one in the list. Still more is it a something not released yet. Aren't they a bit reckless. As far as I played propeller's tekopri demo, they seems to like well using pun related Japanese language. I feel Translation might be pretty tough.

And Cleavage is unpopular, very very much. XD
Though I've thought that that drawing stile might appeal to generations who get used to American Comics drawings.

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☆☆☆☆The CHRONICLEs of NARNIA The Voyage of the Dawn Treader | 洋書 : English books
Reepicheep 大 活 躍





前巻の戦いのさなか、名誉の負傷で失ったはずなのに、何事もなかったかのように生やすなー!(泣) 俺は虐げられる可哀想なReepiが好きなんだ。

英語の難易度:☆☆☆ いつものナルニアから大きく変動はない。
お気に入り度:☆☆☆☆ Reepicheep好き好き。どんな不思議現象の原因でも、"魔法"と片付けるのはどうかと思うぞ。

Reepicheep stands out.

In this volume, they leave from well-known Narnia mainland and voyage to explore strange islands.It's as if The voyages of Sindbad with Narnia characters. I thought it wasn't very good at first, but from when Reepicheep the Knight started activity, the book became fun and fun. He isn't lead in each small episode, but regardless of the fact he get into spotlight every episodes.

May be this book's ending is most touching of all volumes so far.

However, I can't concede one thing.

W-W-Why does the tail of Reepicherp regenerate !!!

He ought to have lost his tail in the middle of a honorable battle at former volume. Don't regenerate as if nothing happened! I love poor Reepi who is tortured by fate.
It appears to me that author Lewis was forgetting some minorplots...

Difficulty of English: ☆☆☆ Same as usual Narnia.
Degree of favorite: ☆☆☆☆ I love Reepicheep. All causes of wonder are explained as just "magic". Hmm.
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英語漬け その2 : Eigo-zuke part2 | その他ゲーム: Other games

問題: キムナーイ ア ディスイメージ

キムナーイ? (゜Д゜) キムナーイ?? Kim naught a disimage???


正解は、Kim and I are the same age (文字反転) でした。 やべ、ほんとに楽しんでるのかも。

There is me who is enjoying Eigo-zuke as complaining.
It generally uses plain pronunciation, but linked pronounces that sometimes appears is quite difficult.

Dictation: kimnaaayi a dissimage. (It's hear to me so)

What is (゜Д゜) Kimnay??  Kim naught a disimage???

Beat me.

The answer was 'Kim and I are the same age'. (reverse display) Man, am I actually enjoying it very?
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