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バトルフィールド・アース: BATLEFIELD EARTH | 雑記 : Miscellaneous topics

そこそこ面白かったよ? いや、絶滅しかけた人類が、1000年前の飛行シュミレータを発見して動かしたときには、動力どうなっとるねん、ぐらいは思ったけど。皆の力を合わせて戦闘機を作るぜ!ぐらいの超展開を期待していた自分が悪いのだろうか。

I watched BATLEFIELD EARTH at Gyao (Web television service), that achieved many RAZZIE awards.

Well, it was not so bad? Though I wondered how being power supply is, when a scene that half-extinct humans found out a fighter simulator and casually activated it. It might be wrong I anticipated surprising story like they make fighters from zero.

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EVER17のCD不具合: EVER17 defect CD information | その他ゲーム: Other games



Contents of Disk 4:

setup.exe   956kb
ever17.ico 3kb
autorun.inf 1kb

bgm.dat    90,154kb
voice.dat 460,724kb



A part of translated Ever17 packages sound including a defect CD.

According oficial Support BBS, defect CD cause condition like the game can't play voice, or slow down extraordinary. Here is a information about contents of suspicious Disc 4 from a person in charge. If your contents size is different or files not exist, possibly it's broken.

Official disposition isn't being notified so far.
(EDIT:Replacement voice.dat can download from here.)

Contents of Disk 4:

setup.exe   956kb
ever17.ico 3kb
autorun.inf 1kb

bgm.dat    90,154kb
voice.dat 460,724kb

manual(unnecessary to game itself)

By the way, I suppose someone who dare to buy the game won't need information in Japanese. (and late. very late)
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Merry Christmas | 雑記 : Miscellaneous topics


Question: What did you do this Christmas?

Answer: I'd stayed in futon all day with 37.7 degrees.
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☆☆Poppy | 洋書 : English books





英語の難易度:☆☆☆ 文法は易しい。文語調の動詞がやや多用されるため、知っていないと妙に難しく見えるかも。
お気に入り度:☆☆  2-3ページ毎に挿入される挿絵が非常に魅力的。

I'd supposed that topics about English literature would be main content of this blog. Nevertheless, the rate is below 10 percent now. Why?

Anyway, I've read a book. Poppy.

A night of thin crescent moon, deer mouse Poppy was attacked by horned owl Oax, got killed his lover Ragweed.

Escaping from the attack desperately, Poppy managed to arrive at her house. But her family had another problem then. Because the number of family increased too much, they found they began to lack food. In order to do safety transfer to new ground, they had to get consent of the region ruler Oacx. And, Poppy and his father needed to go to brutal Oacx as negotiators.

It's such story. It has a orthodox plot which becomes a child literature. The characters acts like a bit selfish so I thought a little it would more fun if there is a good person, though.

Difficulty of English: ☆☆☆ Grammar is plain. Literary style is used often so if you don't know those they may look difficult.
Degree of favorite: ☆☆ Illustrations is very attractive.
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メイド: Maids | 雑記 : Miscellaneous topics
英語圏で美少女ゲームを販売している、Hirameki internationalの Ask Aoyama というコーナーで、日本のメイド萌えについて紹介しています。(閲覧するのにはユーザー登録が必要です)

The Birth of Maid Moe

The games that ultimately gave rise to the aesthetic later known as "maid moe" appeared in the late 1980s. These were "Bird in the Cage" and its sequel, "The Song of the Chick," both adult games for the PC-98x1(3), made by Black Package. The first game released in 1990, the Stone Heads/PIL game "Maid in Heaven," included a comical song with lyrics as "it's raining maids" and "maid rock and roll"(4), further strengthening and defining this trend.

が、内容はほぼWikipediaの記事丸写しで、わざわざ訳す価値はあまりなし。まあそれはいいんだけど。(企業としてどうかとは思うが、英語での紹介という意味では、意義はあるかと) 殻の中の小鳥が発売されたのは、確か1996年だから、1980年末の事じゃないよね。


A article named Ask Aoyama, this is one of activities of Hirameki international, explains about Japanese Maid moe. (You need registration to read it)

But the content is almost reproduction of Japanese Widipedia so it won't be worth to retranslate in Japanese. Well, I don't care of copying personally. (Though I consider it's a bit carelessness as a company action. It has significance as a English explanation at least.) However, IIRC "Bird in the Cage" was released in 1996 so it wasn't late 1980s at all.

Good luck, Hirameki. I'll buy Ever-17 as well. But make clear the quotation origin.(EDIT:Reference information has added and release dates have corrected.)
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おうえんだぁーん!!: CHEERLEADERS!! | 雑記 : Miscellaneous topics






Fallout arrived. It's nice that Vault dweller's survival guide (Game manual) is written as if an actual survival manual.

If you see the flash, duck and cover!

And there are a bunch of wonderful descriptions, like How to eat rat, that arouses my enthusiasm.

However, I'd played Nintendo-DS's Osu! Fight! Cheerleaders while this weekend as leaving Fallout. DS has many good short works indeed. System is simple but game design which can feel improve of own progress is marvelous.

I can't beat final stage of normal level yet anyway. Damn.
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萌えわかり!自衛隊:S.D.F. with MOE. | 和書:Japanese books




Intelligible! Self Defense Force visual guide with MOE.

Although there are many strange points like publisher is MOE-RU publishing.

I want to applause's daringness, which trying to sell the niche book as "for general".
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ライオンと魔女とスピンアタック。: The Lion, and The Witch and The spinattack. | その他ゲーム: Other games

こちらの Official Movie 3 が凄い。


After I heard that Peter deals large damage brandishing Edmund by having feet of him. I couldn't help say "what kind of respect did make it!?" as laughing. But the game of Narina looks far over of my imagination.

Official Movie 3 in here is great.

Spin and spin, spin spin with two guys... WAIT a moment.
I suppose using same way to The Lord of the Rings is rash.
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もえたんサブリーダー: Moetan -sub leader- | 和書:Japanese books


A book named Moetan -sub leader- has arrived. Hmm... it's basics. Basics of English grammar certainly. but I suppose it's nearly impossible to absolute beginner to learn English only by the book. Sure many simple grammars is written here. However there isn't a lot of description about the concept of english. It's too hard to remember you don't know why these are.

For person, who know basic grammar shallowly, may be good to recall what he or she has forgotten. Is the book for me?


I was given an precious order that I should keep working hours under 50 hours because I've stayed the office too long these days. Impossible. XD
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武装錬金: Buso Renkin | マンガ: Manga

…自分はなぜ、3週間も前の話題に喜んでいるのだろうか? サ、サンディエゴと日本の時差のせいだよね。きっと。

Oh, Buso-renkin english version is going to release, right? I'll buy. I'll buy.

Why am I glad about the topic 3 weeks ago? I-It's due to time difference between San Diego and Japan. Certainly.
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コフィン・ダンサー:The Coffine Dancer | 和書:Japanese books



It's about translated edition not original.

I see. This book isn't second to it's reputation. There is barely books which entertains as well as this book. Though this tactful is a little unsatisfactory to me.

I had read for to be a reference to read in the original, but it's too hard to me yet. Transcending my vocabulary.
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RPGがやりたくなった。:I want to play RPG. | 雑記 : Miscellaneous topics




I'm going to have a leisure in the new year holidays, and I found I want to play a RPG game at that time.

It would be good the game is not stimulating and peaceful at least while new year because I usually live daily life which oppose to tranquil. Well, heartwarming something.

Then I decide to buy Fallout, the future world polluted by a atomic war, half-machined a few humans survived under atomic shelters, deformed creatures have them own way, there is a hell outside of shelter, and there is a hell inside of shelter, it's a such lovely game.

Oh, I would be comforted much.

I'd also like to play translated DragonQuestⅧ but it's expensive yet.
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☆☆☆ The CHRONICLES of NARNIA 4 Prince Caspian | 洋書 : English books
ナルニア王国物語4巻、読了しました。とりあえずタイトルには激しく異議あり。 話が進めば進むほど、Caspian王子の影が薄くなっていくのにはどうしたものか。

下手すると、喋る動物達より目立ってないんじゃないかと思われる王子の存在はさておき、主役はいつもの4人兄妹。生まれ故郷の英国に戻り、普通の学生生活を送っていた彼らだったが、不思議な力で再びナルニアに呼び戻される。そこで彼らを待ち受けていたものは、廃墟と成り果てた、愛しきChair Paravel城の姿であった。


英語の難易度:☆☆☆ ところどころに古語文語が混ざるけれど、基本的には平易な英語。
お気に入り度:☆☆☆ ネズミの騎士Reepicheepがかっこいい。最後の数ページが余韻深くて結構好み。

The CHRONICLES of NARNIA the four volume. First of all, it's not a stoly about the prince at all. What I could do when the prince gone and gone in the shade as this story proceeded.

Aside from the faded prince the protagonists are familiar four brothers and sisters. Although they had returned in their own world and spend normal school life, but they get summoned again to Narnia through mystical effect. What waited them here was ruined and deserted the Char Paravel.

Though they all have each highlights, a mail which King Peter send to someone is the best one to me. Excessively decorated. Decorated but hard to read. Hard to read but interesting.

Difficulty of English: ☆☆☆ Contains archaic words and literary style sometimes, but generally not so difficult.
Degree of favorite: ☆☆☆ Mouse knight Reepicheep is cute and cool. Some pages of last scene have nice melancholy atmosphere.
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英誤ばんざい: Hurrah! Engrish! | 雑記 : Miscellaneous topics





Boy, I wonder, how many times you are so depressed.

You'd did irreparable defeats on account of own incompetency so far. Or you may fear of your future failures you even not do yet.

Don't look back. What's done can't be undone. But you know now how you fault. That memory will be food to avoid same fault. If you would make a mistake twice, it's good to do neatly from the third time. The fourth time is also good.

Correct by the third time, when you make a mistake twice. Or by the fourth times also isn't too late. You have another chances any time. You would be able to laugh at any own mistake in a year, even it will have been a very terrible one. Now, Boy. Go on.

By the way.

I noticed now that I've misspelled and registered this blog's title.
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I, too, saw dreams through air | その他ゲーム: Other games
Insani で I, too, saw dreams through air が発表されました。

これはal|together 2005 という企画の一部で、まあ要するに日本のフリーゲームを、英語圏のノベルゲーム好きの有志が集まって英語に翻訳してしまおうという、お祭り企画です。日本のノベルゲームは西洋圏に満足に流通していない現状があり、本当にその手のゲームが好きな奇特な方々は、日本語を勉強したり、あまつさえ自分で翻訳してしまったりします。



Windows, Mac, Linuxと色々なOSに対応してますので、もし興味があれば試してみるのも一興かと。Torrent経由で持ってこれます。

I, Too, Saw Dreams Through Air is released in

It's a part of a festival project called al|together 2005, which translate Japanese free novel-type game to English. There aren't satiable amounts Japanese novel-game exist in the western area, so people who really likes those games learn Japanese or furthermore translate those by themselves volunteerly.

In the case of commercial games, The rights issue would is hurdle to make a translation patch anyway. In other hand, for a background of possibility to get the author's agreement of free games relatively easily, and This festival started when Narcissu has had original writer's public permission, which was translated by Haeleth, who is one of kingpins of personal English translation.

Original work is here. Yumekoshi no sora. It appears fairytale-like stories.

This translation correspond several OS, Windows, MacOS, and Linux. If you are interested, play it. Download is via torrent.




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ざっと流し読んでみた感じ、月姫のほうは原語がそのまま残っていたり、字が小さかったりでちと読みにくい印象。あと、紙質がちょっと他の漫画に比べてぺらい。これは弱小出版社だからなのかしらん。さらにはページが一部折れている(笑) 洋書の取り寄せでは結構よくある事なので、あんまり状態がひどくなければ気にはしないけど。


DEATH NOTE second number and LUNAR LEGEND TSUKIHIME have arrived when I got to home.

The impression as I read briefly is, TSUKIHIME would a little tough to read because some original sentences remain and letters are small at several place. Quality of paper is not as good as other publishers'. I wonder if it due to small publisher's circumstances. Incidentally a few pages was doubled in two. Well I don't mind so much about it. Happens sometimes.

Anyway, Sagawa-kyubin, don't leave deliveries openly at the front of the door of my house.
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ぶろぐ作成。 New blog. | 雑記 : Miscellaneous topics

Although I've been invited to mixi from a colleague, I don't like to write something slinkingly in a closed space so I write here, at a open blog.
I vaguely plan to write I read something, I played something, and I found something fishy, so on, and I also plan to get tired and quit soon.
Well, concurrently I'll write down both English and Japanese to get used to it. That's legless, er mistook, reckless.
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