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萌えわかり!自衛隊:S.D.F. with MOE. | 和書:Japanese books




Intelligible! Self Defense Force visual guide with MOE.

Although there are many strange points like publisher is MOE-RU publishing.

I want to applause's daringness, which trying to sell the niche book as "for general".
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もえたんサブリーダー: Moetan -sub leader- | 和書:Japanese books


A book named Moetan -sub leader- has arrived. Hmm... it's basics. Basics of English grammar certainly. but I suppose it's nearly impossible to absolute beginner to learn English only by the book. Sure many simple grammars is written here. However there isn't a lot of description about the concept of english. It's too hard to remember you don't know why these are.

For person, who know basic grammar shallowly, may be good to recall what he or she has forgotten. Is the book for me?


I was given an precious order that I should keep working hours under 50 hours because I've stayed the office too long these days. Impossible. XD
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コフィン・ダンサー:The Coffine Dancer | 和書:Japanese books



It's about translated edition not original.

I see. This book isn't second to it's reputation. There is barely books which entertains as well as this book. Though this tactful is a little unsatisfactory to me.

I had read for to be a reference to read in the original, but it's too hard to me yet. Transcending my vocabulary.
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