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英語圏で美少女ゲームを販売している、Hirameki internationalの Ask Aoyama というコーナーで、日本のメイド萌えについて紹介しています。(閲覧するのにはユーザー登録が必要です)

The Birth of Maid Moe

The games that ultimately gave rise to the aesthetic later known as "maid moe" appeared in the late 1980s. These were "Bird in the Cage" and its sequel, "The Song of the Chick," both adult games for the PC-98x1(3), made by Black Package. The first game released in 1990, the Stone Heads/PIL game "Maid in Heaven," included a comical song with lyrics as "it's raining maids" and "maid rock and roll"(4), further strengthening and defining this trend.

が、内容はほぼWikipediaの記事丸写しで、わざわざ訳す価値はあまりなし。まあそれはいいんだけど。(企業としてどうかとは思うが、英語での紹介という意味では、意義はあるかと) 殻の中の小鳥が発売されたのは、確か1996年だから、1980年末の事じゃないよね。


A article named Ask Aoyama, this is one of activities of Hirameki international, explains about Japanese Maid moe. (You need registration to read it)

But the content is almost reproduction of Japanese Widipedia so it won't be worth to retranslate in Japanese. Well, I don't care of copying personally. (Though I consider it's a bit carelessness as a company action. It has significance as a English explanation at least.) However, IIRC "Bird in the Cage" was released in 1996 so it wasn't late 1980s at all.

Good luck, Hirameki. I'll buy Ever-17 as well. But make clear the quotation origin.(EDIT:Reference information has added and release dates have corrected.)

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(Finally they added the following comment to the bottom of that article ...)

* Refer to WilkiPedia Japanese version for a part of the content of the article.
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情報ありがとうございます。あ、MAID iN HEAVENの発売年も直ってる。

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